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Empower Tomorrow’s International Medical Graduate (IMG) Doctors to Excel Globally!

Lend your expertise and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of International Medical Graduate (IMG) doctors. At IMG Secrets, we believe in the potential of these promising physicians who already make significant contributions to healthcare worldwide. We invite distinguished physicians with a passion for teaching to coach and inspire the next generation.

Why Choose IMG Secrets?

  • We collaborate with elite international medical graduates from prestigious institutions around the world.
  • Our rigorous process evaluates their academic prowess, testimonials, and extracurricular milestones.
  • Your role as a compensated coach, whether online or in-person, will be instrumental in honing the skills of these budding physicians.
  • You are in total control of what services you offer and when you offer coaching. We understand you are busy in your clinical work, and we offer you flexibility. Pretty much most experts do this in their free time of an hour to few hours each week.
  • In appreciation of your dedication, every session you coach will earn you a competitive package tailored to your expertise and the range of services you offer.

Our Commitment to Quality:

With a stringent acceptance criterion to observer ships, hands on experience etc., we ensure that our IMG candidates are of top caliber, many of whom secure esteemed positions in training programs or medical establishments globally.

Get in Touch:
If the idea of coaching with IMG Secrets resonates with you, or if you’d like more details, connect with us at +1 (856) 257 – 7266 or contactus@IMGSecrets.com. We’re keen to discuss this collaborative opportunity. Your commitment to patient care can significantly elevate our program, and together, we can set new benchmarks in healthcare globally.

Embark on This Endeavor:

Begin this fulfilling journey by providing your details below. Your efforts and dedication will be duly recognized.

    Step 1: Personal Details

    Step 2: In-depth Profile

    Dive Deeper into Our Coaching Approach:
    Our comprehensive coaching program bridges the gap between local experts and IMG scholars. Through video calls, IMGs benefit from personalized guidance on various career aspects. If you provide observer ships or hands-on experiences, IMGs get the chance to observe and learn directly, with opportunities like patient consultations and diagnoses, adhering to applicable guidelines. Should you find an IMG exceptionally promising, you might choose to endorse them with a genuine Letter of Recommendation.

    Our IMG participants are renowned, affiliated with IMED-listed institutions and accredited by the WHO. Their achievements, such as commendable scores in exams like USMLE, MCCQE1, AMC, etc. stand testament to their capabilities.

    All coaches can review the IMG’s credentials and engage in preliminary discussions before finalizing any in person experience. While online coaching sessions typically being with one hour, in-person experiences typically last 2-4 weeks, with flexibility as needed.

    For IMG scholars, this experience is invaluable. It enhances their skill set and may lead to endorsements, amplifying their chances in residency, fellowship, or job applications.

    You will be an unforgettable person in their journey, guiding them towards success and making a lasting impact.

    With IMG Secrets, we consider you experts as colleagues and valued partners. We ensure fair compensation for your contributions, reflecting both the impact on IMGs and your earnings potential. Together, let’s make a difference!

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