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Global Talent, Local Impact: Innovative Staffing Solutions For Hospitals & Universities Through Outstanding International Medical Graduates

Hospitals & Universities Can Now Partner with IMG Secrets for Global Medical Expertise

At IMG Secrets, led by our Founder & CEO, Dr. Rajeev Iyer, a double board-certified Anesthesiologist with a deep-rooted passion for patient care, we are dedicated to enhancing medical teams with premier international talent. Our strategic recruitment focuses on mitigating staffing shortages of Hospitals & Universities by connecting you with exceptional, globally trained medical professionals ready to make an impact in the U.S.

Why Should Hospitals & Universities Choose IMG Secrets?

  • Expertise in International Recruitment: Our expertise lies in understanding the complexities of international medical graduate pathways and leveraging this to fill critical healthcare staffing needs.
  • A Network of Excellence: We boast a broad network of distinguished international anesthesiologists and physicians across multiple specialties, ensuring we match you with candidates who not only meet but exceed expectations.

  • Tailored Recruitment Solutions: We provide customized recruitment solutions to streamline your hiring process, reduce time-to-hire, and meet your department’s unique requirements.

  • Comprehensive Support: Our team includes board-certified advisors who are experts in their fields, offering guidance and ensuring a smooth integration for international hires. 

Engage with US

If you are a hospital or a university employer, discover how IMG Secrets can elevate your medical staffing with top-tier international expertise. For a detailed exploration of our methodologies and pricing, or to arrange a conversation, please contact at contactus@imgsecrets.com. We are excited about the potential synergy and look forward to forging a successful partnership.

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